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Our Work


Some of our valued customers include: REPSOL, Pan American Life Insurance Group, AMCO, ANSA, Movement Mechanics, Pizza boys group, GTECH, Michael Leung, Pro Act Consultants.

Some of our collaborative work include: Coleman group, KS&P Limited.


1- Safety Rails installed inside and outside of plantar at Pan American head office.


2- External safety rails being installed


3- Emergency distress bar installed at stairwell exit.


4- Autocad rendering and painting of building at Pan American Maraval Branch.


5- Fabricated security fence with motor at Pan American head office car park.


6- Fabricated gate design with hydraulic arm made and installed at a residential jobsite.


7- Painted Safety Ramp with opening covers at Pan American head office.


8- Pump room cleaning, sealing and painting at REPSOL.


9- Epoxy granite design countertop installed.


10- Autocad engineering design.


11- MLS argon welded eyelid.


12- Installed eyelid at Pan American head office.


13- Basement concrete sealing and painting of car park lines at Pan American.


14- Painting of REPSOL building Tower 2.


15- Internal fabrication and painting of staircase and application of concrete sealer with slip resistant tape.


16- One of the many products we distribute and sell- slip resistant tape.



Some of our Other Projects

Blue Polycarbonate Awning





Our Team At Work


Our Team At Work


Our Team at Work


Our Team at Work