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Our Services

At MLS there are two main market segments we supply products for (A) Construction and (B) Iron and Steel.


Within the construction segment there are a number of specialty products that we use and supply. These are divided into concrete and admixtures, flooring and countertops, sealants and polyureas, marine.

Concrete and admixtures- We use concrete pigment admixtures. When concrete is integrally coloured with pigment it can be finished using a variety of conventional methods. Whether it is a broom, honed, etched, stamped or exposed finish it is important that consistent finishing practices are employed.

Flooring- We are in the process of becoming the distributors for a flooring underlayment for sound isolation, impact noise control and crack isolation. This underlayment is for both residential and commercial use and provides a resilient layer within the flooring assembly for reducing vibration noise.

Epoxy coatings- We use the iCoat sealer. There is a local distributor that we work closely with to get a cost savings advantage over our competitors. This colour locking acrylic sealer is a solvent based sealer best applied on concrete, exposed aggregate, pavers and other masonite surfaces. It provides excellent wear and carries the best UV protectants in sealers. With its deep penetration, surfaces are protected from foreign substances such as grease, oil and moisture.

Terrazzo flooring- Never before has such vibrant colours been available to designers of terrazzo flooring. Recycled glass chips are a modern addition to an ancient flooring technique dating back to Michelangelo and the Renaissance. The unique affect of glass can transform an environmentally sustainable floor into a stunning work of art and can even increase the durability of a flooring installation.  As with traditional terrazzo marble, the smaller size glass chips provide a traditional look while larger size chips provide a bolder, more aggressive appearance. We are proud to say we are also in the process of becoming the distributors of this modern application.

Countertops- Artisan crafted concrete countertops have grown in popularity over the years, providing customers the ability to customize the dimension, shape, colour, and texture of their countertop surfaces. Recycled glass aggregates have been an equally popular additive to recent designs by adding colour, variety and, most significantly, a third dimension—depth. Whether it’s a do-it-yourself vanity or a manufactured full-size slab, glass can bring out the shine in any countertop concept.

Sealants and polyurea- All the sealants and polyureas are used for various applications usually but not limited to water proofing and protective coatings i.e. corrosion resistance, concrete restoration, moisture vapour mitigation, injection grouting and high pressure tank sealing across residential to commercial and mainly industrial uses. We at MLS are in current negotiations to be a provider of some of these trusted brands.

Marine- most of the products are designed for commercial and industrial off shore use. We are also in current negotiations with the manufacturer to become a distributor however, we have used these products with great success to retard corrosion and elongate the life of piping and piling that is offshore. Petrolatum Tapes or Wax Tapes have been around over 80 years. These high performance petrolatum tape products provide above and below ground and underwater protection to pipelines, fittings, tank bases, steel structures and many more. The wrap systems can easily be applied by hand to most surfaces in arctic and tropical temperature environments.


Within this segment we at MLS have identified two products of which we use and sell one and have entered into our first major manufacturing and distribution collaborative venture with a foreign company for the other. There is a fabric that regulates your body temperature that we supply and it comes with unique additional features of being inherently flame resistant, anti-microbial fabric a tag less shirt collar and more stretch for a better fit.

The other product of which we are part of an international partnership is an Industrial Organic Absorbent that instantly absorbs any liquid spill on contact, so spill areas can be cleaned up with minimum downtime and the area immediately rendered safe. The Industrial Organic Absorbent is clean, dust-free and non-abrasive. With it there is no after clean-up mess to handle as with heavy sticky clay or absorbent pads. This Industrial Absorbent is organic, nontoxic and completely safe to handle and will not leach out the absorbed hydrocarbon liquids, making it landfill safe.

As such, we have identified these unique products for varying and multi-functional applications that enhances our business and the success we have in providing cutting edge solutions to clients.


Why Outsource?

Making the decision to outsource your facility services is an important strategic business decision that can reap many benefits. Listed below are just three reasons why you should consider outsourcing your facility service needs to MLS.

  1. Redeploy Assets / Resources: This allows the client to focus on core business activity: In growth periods, the back-office functions of companies will expand also, putting tremendous pressure on human and financial resources. Outsourcing will allow refocusing on business activities that are important without sacrificing quality or service. The greatest benefit of outsourcing is operational, continuity, risk management, and staffing controls.
  2. Cost and Efficiency Savings: Outsourcing can save money by allowing you to establish a budget that gives complete and accurate control of those functions that are not core to your business, thereby creating a fixed expense instead of a variable expense which is easier to manage and plan for. When outsourcing you can easily adjust your resources and personnel to accommodate your needs. You can also have a customized plan created as needed, which we can prepare for you.
  3. Partnership: By outsourcing construction, industrial and maintenance needs to MLS, you gain a trusted, respected, and proven leader in the business. You will be able to leverage our knowledge and experience to save money and time thereby increase profits for your core business.


Full List of Our Services

  • Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Painting
  • Commercial and Industrial scaffolding
  • Plant and commercial pipe insulation
  • Tiling
  • Motorization of gates
  • Air condition services, sales and repairs
  • Landscaping
  • Flooring
  • Autocad Design
  • Office and interior finishing
  • Transport
  • Comprehensive Custodial
  • Comprehensive Carpet and Floor Care
  • Custodial / Janitorial Supplies and Equipment
  • Consultation Services (As Needed)
  • Waste Removal and Disposal
  • High-Rise Window Cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • Disaster Recovery: Water and Storm Damage Cleaning
  • Fabric and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Landscaping and Maintenance

Markets and Industries We Serve

  • Commercial
  • Industrial / Oil and Gas
  • Residential
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Education
  • Sport and Recreation

Green Clean Certified

  • MLS is a leader in Green Cleaning.
  • We recognize that everyone has a responsibility to preserve our environment and to incorporate eco-friendly practices into everyday life.  
  • That’s why we have products that help to preserve human health and environmental quality.

MLS Does The Following For You

  • Negotiates purchase agreements with suppliers;
  • Manages orders directly in the customer’s system;
  • Researches suitable supply sources and orders the merchandise;
  • Supplements customer systems with tools that simplify processes;
  • Assumes the entire procurement function for the customer;
  • Supports logistical processes and legally compliant  waste disposal with high-performance IT systems;
  • Solutions that ensure safe transport of (hazardous) goods in compliance with the law (including customs formalities and the creation of safety-relevant documentation).

MLS is specialized in procurement in non-production areas.