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About Us

Mindful Logistical Solutions Limited (MLS)
 began as a small fabrication, landscaping, maintenance, and Service Company in St. Augustine, Trinidad. With a steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service, Mindful Logistical Services (MLS) Limited was founded in 2013 and is growing into a leading professional custodial and facility management company in Trinidad and Tobago. MLS Ltd. was incorporated to provide clients with reliable solutions to their most complex logistics and functional construction needs which include tiling, business interiors, fabrication, paint furnishing, and structuring business facilities challenges. MLS operates as a Primary Contractor and Sub- Contractor based on tailored jobs locally and regionally. Today, we are recognized as a rapidly growing player in the industry for our strength in traditional construction methods and for our creative fresh approach to cutting-edge technologies and delivery systems. Our expertise spans the construction industry spectrum, from smaller renovations to multi- million dollar projects. We specialize in commercial/industrial institutions and homes. Always expanding we are becoming a diverse and innovative company able to handle large single facilities to multi-facility operations seamlessly.

We can create a comprehensive, customized plan based on your needs and deploy the latest technology, processes, quality control, training, and safety program to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Our management team has well over 25 years of combined experience in the industry. Our success is driven by more than building some of the most advanced facilities for our corporate, institutional and government clients. More and more of our clients are turning to us for our distinctive ability to implement innovative project management techniques and to serve as a reliable provider of knowledge-driven solutions for their complex construction, plant and offshore projects.

Our team of professionals offers a single-source solution for all of your construction-related, plant and offshore needs. Whether its restoration, site preparation, a new facility or facility renovation, commercial scaffolding and pipe insulation we have the experience and personnel to provide the highest quality construction, maintenance and plant services on schedule and within budget. We support our clients from project inception, to the commissioning of the fully operational facility.

Mission Statement

"The only vital value an enterprise has is the experience, skills, innovativeness and insights of its people.”   Leif Edvinsson. 

Our mission at MLS is to always deliver cost effective, total quality solutions to all our clients. In order to reach and maintain our objective, we will and have started to invest in ways that will pay off in competitive advantages for our clients. We will be the preferred provider of custodial and facility management services for commercial, industrial, and residential clients in Trinidad and Tobago and in time the greater Caribbean. We will support the efforts of the local community and be an active and engaged corporate citizen. We will be the absolute best in the industry by deploying the latest technology, processes, quality control, training, and safety program in order to deliver professional, prompt, and courteous service to our clients.

Our Vision

"I do not seek perfection. I simply seek to remember who and what I am every day. I seek the people and places and practises that support the expanding of this awareness in my day, in my life, in my choices. Our lives are the story of how we remember. It is the dance that was woven into the fabric of our being from the beginning. The presence of the Great Mystery is always with us." - Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Our vision is to be the finest custodial and facility services company in Trinidad and Tobago. It is our desire to not only meet, but exceed expectations by providing consistent, quality customer service 100% of the time with a commitment to excellence in all lines of business.

Our vision is to abide by our mission “creating value services” by applying the following principles:

  • Ensuring highest quality of service at all times
  • Setting goals and objectives and meeting them
  • Cost effective and timely completion of projects
  • Proactive and swift adoption to changes

As such by following our vision we can obtain our goals which are:

  • To provide service that is not just best but “legendary”. This includes total commitment to our clients while ensuring quality and cost effective long term solutions.
  • Carry out all our operations safely and in line with all prevailing environmental laws.
  • Build a team of multi-disciplinary professionals ensuring uniquely engineered solutions services.

Comprehensive custodial and integrated facilities management service is the foundation of our company. We take great pride in our work and the partnership we have formed with our clients. Our goal is to “meet the total needs” of our clients and we strive everyday to add value to partnership with clients. We stand ready to be your provider of choice for all of your custodial, supply and integrated needs. Remember, the success of facilities management is not only judged by the smoothness and efficiency with which it operates, but also by its approach to work that listens carefully, thinks creatively and works collaboratively. We hold regular structured meetings, provide detailed reports on each element of the services we offer and maintain our current lines of communication to ensure continuous debate about performance and improvement in service.

Our Goals and Objectives

Our goal as a company is to provide service that is not just best but legendary. This includes:

  •  Total commitment to our clients while ensuring quality and cost effective long term solutions
  •  Carry out all our operations safely and in line with all prevailing environmental laws
  •  Build a team of multi-disciplinary professionals ensuring uniquely engineered solutions 

Ethical Business Conduct

Our Code of Conduct:

To promote high standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct MLS has provided its employees with a clear set of rules, values and guidelines to follow when carrying out their work as a MLS employee and representative. In addition to the guidelines, the Company has adopted a Code of Conduct which prescribes that, in addition to compliance with all applicable legal requirements, all Directors and employees of the Company adopt appropriate standards of professional and business conduct in their dealings on behalf of the MLS. In addition, MLS executive management has implemented procedures designed to ensure compliance by all employees with those standards.

In particular, the Code of Conduct requires that Directors and employees:

  • Avoid conflicts of interest, and ensure that all business transactions are conducted solely in the best interests of the Companies we work for;
  • Are aware of, and comply with laws and regulations relevant to the Company’s operations we do business for including environmental and trade laws both in locally and abroad;
  • Protect any Company’s assets that we transact with, under their control and not use Company assets for personal purposes, without prior Company approval;
  • Do not disclose or use in any improper manner confidential information about all Companies, its customers or affairs we work for;
  • Respect the privacy of others and comply with the Company’s privacy policy we work for.

Sustainable Management

MLS supports the strategy of achieving a sustained increase in the value to our customers through innovative solutions for business practices that help to conserve resources. The aim is to harmonize the economic, environmental and social benefits of corporate activity by acting responsibly.

Working with MLS offers to customers a variety of benefits:

  • Less administration
  • Increased capacity to innovate and focus on the respective core business
  • Greater efficiency through faster, simpler and more cost-effective processes
  • Lower fixed costs
  • Improved flexibility through scalable services
  • Synergies through maximum standardization
  • Globally standardized processes

The business model is designed to offer maximum value-added for our clientele and ensure that having services provided centrally by MLS rather than outsourcing them gives those companies a clear competitive edge. MLS is competitive not only as a company, but at the level of each specific service. Regular benchmarking ensures that services are always in the top quartile of the relevant market, i.e. in the top 25 percent in terms of price/performance ratio compared to the competition.

This competitive price/performance ratio is achieved partly through MLS local presence and partly through its own ability to outsource certain services.

The Procurement and Logistics core business area offers innovative solutions for all aspects of merchandise purchasing and merchandise management.

Safety and Training

MLS is committed to assuring a clean, safe and healthy work place. Each team member is required to undergo safety training programs including:

  • Safe work practices
  • Specific and safety procedures
  • Accident prevention and reporting
  • First responder situation identification

Each team member is trained to comply with MLS and client policies and procedures. We also provide hands-on training and hard copies of the following:

  • Company policies, rules, and procedures
  • Employee handbook
  • Sexual harassment policy
  • Organizational structure
  • Emergency procedures and security
  • Quality assurance – customer satisfaction
  • Technical skills – technique and enhancement